What Is Metropolitan Police Virus?

Metropolitan Police Virus should be classified as ransomware which will cheat Windows users’ money by blocking the PC screen. This virus has been reported nearly half of a year ago and recently, it has the tendency to repeat itself again. Metropolitan Police Virus was spread from the British. It shows up pretending as an officials hint which locking the computer so that to deprive user’s access. Actually, it is trap delivering a fake message and telling you that your computer was locked to terminate your illegal activity, whether you’re visiting websites containing pornography, child pornography and child abuse or not, that is definitely an insult for any of you. Windows users should think about how to remove Metropolitan Police virus when they receive the false notification.


The essential purpose of Metropolitan Police Virus is to trick users to pay £100 as the penalty via some online payment system such as UKash in 48 hours. The truth is Metropolitan Police Virus is a rogue ransomware which was created by those evil Cyber criminals, they took such nasty measures to block your operating system, even if you’ve tried to exit the screen locker by pressing the ESC key, or you try to reboot your machine and enter the safe mode with networking, it still can not change a thing. In this case, many computer users will be easy to fall for its scam and pay this fine,and dreaming to make the mess stop, which gives a rare golden opportunity to the Cyber criminals using UKash for money transaction, it’s a very smart way to steal money and very difficult to trace them, and there is no solution other than to remove Metropolitan Police Virus from your computer immediately.