Windows 10 for free is coming to an end

Windows 10 for free is ending this month… July 29th 2015 saw the release of Windows 10 and Microsoft are giving it away for free to all Windows 7 and windows 8.1 users. To get it for free you need to pre-register. Before upgrading make sure all your important files are backed up

User Profile Error

  An increasingly common problem on Microsoft Windows computers is the corrupted user profile error.  Everything seems fine until one attempts to log on.  Then the error strikes.  Your user profile is corrupted and you cannot log on any longer.  This is an interesting problem, because how can one fix an error without being able ..

Metropolitan Police Virus

What Is Metropolitan Police Virus? Metropolitan Police Virus should be classified as ransomware which will cheat Windows users’ money by blocking the PC screen. This virus has been reported nearly half of a year ago and recently, it has the tendency to repeat itself again. Metropolitan Police Virus was spread from the British. It shows ..

What does “end of support” mean? Will my machine still run?

Microsoft Windows is a very complex piece of software, rumored to have over 45 million lines of code within it. Like any large project, it is bound to contain mistakes, bugs, and security vulnerabilities. When users, hackers, security companies, or community members find these problems they usually tell Microsoft about it so that Microsoft can ..